How would you describe Brighthill?

Established in 2016, BRIGHTHILL believes in both academic excellence and character building for its students. We have CONFIDENCE that all people can learn and progress. Each student has DIFFERENT abilities, talents and character to be developed. We deliver learning skills in all aspects of EXCELLENCE.

What makes Brighthill stand out from other schools?

We believe in confidently being different in achieving excellence.

Being CONFIDENT pursuit our students to acquire knowledge.

Being DIFFERENT enable our students to be independent.

Achieving EXCELLENCE by creating curious learners and creative thinkers.

What philosophy or curriculum do you adhere to?

BHI provides International British Education programme at secondary level. Year 7 to Year 11 (IGCSE – Science & Arts). Our aim is to provide a curriculum that meets the Cambridge education standards, consequently BHI integrates academic progress with social and personality shaping.

How will Brighthill communicate with me about my child’s progress?

We have a communication book where teachers and parents can interact with each other. We also encourage all parents to install the School Stream to enable parents to get all announcements and homework details on a daily basis.

What is your student to teacher ratio?

Our current ratio is twenty students to one teacher.

What are the facilities offered in Brighthill?

Swimming pool, sick bay, science lab, board games room, cafeteria, ICT Lab, Art Room, Assembly Hall, Math Lab

Explain on the extra-curricular activities conducted in Brighthill ?

In Brighthill, we encourage students to be actively involved in extra curriculum. All students are a part of each society and club. It will be run alternately every month. Students will run every society and club by themselves with the assistance of a advisor (teacher).

  • Freedom of Speech (FOS) Society
  • Entrepreneur Club
  • Multimedia Club
  • Photography & Nature Club

What are the sports activities in Brighthill?

  • Swimming (once a week during the school hours)
  • Badminton
  • Football/Futsal
  • Basketball

Are there other activities organised in Brighthill?

Brighthill is very active in extra curriculum. We believe that by organising such events and programmes, we are enhancing students’ interpersonal skills.

  • School trips
  • School excursion
  • CSR project
  • Performances and concert
  • Sports day

What are your school's hours?

Monday – Friday : 8.00am to 3.00pm

What is it like after school?

We have a multiple programmes that we offer for after school students. This is to encourage internal and external students to join and enhance their knowledge.

  • Math Lab
  • English Quest
  • Mandarin Flash Card
  • Swim Class

What is the language instruction at Brighthill?

English is the primary language in Brighthill.

What do I do if I want to enrol my child now?

Please contact us at 03-5879 8453 for the most up to date enrolment availability. We are open Monday-Friday 8am-4:00pm.