RM 49.99

First Language English

Course Code: (0500)

RM 49.99

Literature in English

Course Code: (0475)

RM 49.99

Business studies

Course Code: (0450)

RM 49.99


Course Code: (0625)

RM 49.99


Course Code: (0620)

RM 49.99


Course Code: (0546)

RM 49.99

Info and Communication Technology

Course Code: (0417)

RM 49.99


Course Code: (0580)

RM 49.99


Course Code: (0610)

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Communication-Driven Learning for College-Ready Success

We prioritize learning centered around communication, integrating activities ranging from spoken word to debates. By giving precedence to student-led discussions, we prepare students from the primary levels for presentations in higher education. With our assistance in credit selections, we guarantee a strong foundation for their college aspirations. Brighthill is the intersection of empowerment and education.

From Spoken Word to Debates and Drama

Our classes are centered on fostering communication and active discussion. We engage students in various activities, including spoken word, slam poetry, presentations, sales pitches, speeches, debates, drama, and more.

Speak Up and Share Opinions in Our Classes

We hold the belief that academic knowledge lacking confidence in speaking is ineffective. Therefore, the majority of our classes include substantial assignments that necessitate students to express themselves or present their opinions.

Encouraging Discussion Over Lectures

We encourage students to actively participate in class discussions rather than solely listening during lessons. Our approach is often described as "student-centered" rather than "teacher-centered," signifying that classes are tailored to each student's abilities and understanding.

Guiding Students to College-Ready Credits

We are dedicated to providing committed assistance to students, ensuring they acquire the necessary credits to advance in their education. We collaborate closely with students, offering guidance and support in selecting the appropriate subjects.

Cultivating Presentation Skills Early On

We equip students for presentations at the college and university levels, beginning with primary education.


Brighthill International caters to students from [specific age range, e.g., "6 to 18 years"], offering a comprehensive academic journey from primary through secondary education.

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